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Is Your Website Costing you your Reputation and Sales?


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I’d like to dispel a common myth that many people have about the internet. Common Myth: If I have a website, then I’ll have people lining up to purchase my services or products. This is totally false, and yet many people run their businesses this way.

Just because you have a website, doesn’t mean you will automatically get visitors who will buy your services and/or products.

It takes many things to run a successful online presence and it all starts with a beautiful, easy-to-use, compelling website. If your website’s design doesn’t grab your visitors they will certainly go elsewhere with their business. Read more…

Should I Choose a Custom Website Design, or Use a Premade Template?


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One of the most argued topics of today is “Should I Choose a Custom Website Design, or Use a Premade Template?” One reason this question is so difficult to answer is because there are design firms that are charging around $6000 for a custom website with CMS integration, and other companies are offering their themed template designs for only $50.

How is it possible that the range of pricing is so broad? How do I choose between a custom design and a theme template? Is there even any reason I should go with a custom design – it looks like there are plenty of nice template designs out right?

Custom Web Design vs. Using a Template

In this article I will answer these and other questions about what direction you should choose when redesigning or developing your new website. Read more…

Should I Use a Large Background for my Website?


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These days in web design is seems to be all the rage to use extremely large photos for the background of your website. Designers everywhere are creating “Photoshop Masterpieces” and proudly displaying them as a full-screen background. Is this trend a good idea, or does it have any underlying problems or issues we need to be aware off?

Large Photo Backgrounds

Charlie Buckingham uses a large background for his sailboat racing website. Read more…

Should I Have a One-Page Website?


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One of the newest and hottest trends in web design is to create a one-page website for your business.  We’ve all seen this creative page layout whether it’s a web designer like Jakub Foglar or a Gourmet food seller.

One Page Website

You may have been thinking “Should I create this effect for my website”? Or, why would I want to only have one page on my website? Let’s look at some situations you should consider building a one-page website; as well as some when you should not use this design. Read more…

Typography and Why it is Important for Your Website


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There is no doubt about it – typography and the font-faces we choose has a huge impact on multiple aspects of our website including readability, mood, perceived article length, user experience and much, much more. It is absolutely essential that designers know and understand the different principles of typography that create a pleasing design, in order to properly portray the vision and mood of the website they are designing.

To many font-faces can be very distracting to your readers.
Read more…

The Case for Fixed Navigation


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Analyze a Trend in Web Design

As good web designers we must carefully analyze each new trend and idea that is thrown into the wild, wild web. Simply blindly following every new “fad” in web design will never make you an awesome and great designer. We need to look at each trend objectively and determine if it has a place in our designer toolbox.

Is fixed navigation a new trend for design?

One new trend is to use fixed navigation either in the header, sidebar, or footer of your browser window. Let’s look at some reasons of why this trend might have some validity in modern design. Read more…

Why should I design for Mobile-First?


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Whether we want to admit it or not, the web is going mobile. If you don’t have a mobile version of your website, you are turning away a huge percentage of your users and customers. Well the latest counts are in that show that there are over 1.2 billion mobile Web users worldwide and over 25% of mobile users in the United States will never touch their desktop this year.  Last year, over 73 percent of consumers used their mobile phone while in a store shopping. On top of that, this year it is expected that more smartphones will sell than Desktop PC’s.

Mobile First is very important for website designs

This article will explain why you should design a website from the ground up or Mobile-First as it’s often called. Read more…

Minimalist Design – Should I Implement It for My Website?


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History of Minimalism

One thing that always happens no matter what part of society you are in is synthesis and antithesis. Back in the early to mid 2000’s, web designers were getting very excited about all the new technologies available to them. This resulted in the creation of sites that were busy, overpowering, and full of fancy flash animations. Minimalism is a reaction to that movement to bring the focus of websites back to their core – presenting the content in a way that puts the user and their needs first. Read more…

Benefits of using SASS over Traditional CSS


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One of the buzz-words of web design today is CSS-Preprocessors. Many designers and developers are wondering if they should make the switch over to using a Pre-Processor like SASS instead of just plain CSS. Once you learn the power of SASS over CSS you will not only never look back, but you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. In this article I will be sharing with you a few reasons that compelled me to make the switch over to using SASS for all my web design projects.

If you need resources on where to learn SASS see the bottom of the article for some links to great tutorials.

SASS vs. CSS Read more…