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Should I Have a One-Page Website?


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One of the newest and hottest trends in web design is to create a one-page website for your business.  We’ve all seen this creative page layout whether it’s a web designer like Jakub Foglar or a Gourmet food seller.

One Page Website

You may have been thinking “Should I create this effect for my website”? Or, why would I want to only have one page on my website? Let’s look at some situations you should consider building a one-page website; as well as some when you should not use this design.

Who Could Benefit From a One-Page Website?

1.     Limited Amount of Content – Small Businesses

As a small business you may not have the need to fill ten pages with content about your services and what your business offers to the community. Building such a website with only a few lines on each page actually gives your viewers the sense that you are lacking business or a not very professional since you couldn’t come up with useful content for all your pages.

This is where a One-page design can really shine. You may only need to list a quick “About Our Company”, your Hours of Operation, your Business Address, and ways they can Contact you. Instead of creating multiple pages for all this information, you can creatively arrange it into a One-page design that quickly informs your clients of the info they need. For this type of low-budget small business website you would be best off going with a service like OnePager.



Lilly’s Table

Lilly’s Table

Fish Marketing

Fish Marketing

2.     High End Business Sites – Parallax Scrolling

If you are trying to wow your clients and visitors with the creativity and awesomeness of your business (remember your website should display the mood and purpose of your business), then a One-page Parallax or Scrolling website could be perfect for your situation. So if you or your company is related to Architecture, Graphic or Print Design, Web Apps, Film, Photography, 5-Star Hotels, or even Golf Courses you may want to consider a one-page design.

This type of website design lends itself very well to extensive graphics, animation, and beautiful typography.

Wesc Footwear


IWC Vintage Collection

IWC Schaffhausen

This design agency’s website really gives them a sense of professionalism as they portray a New York lifestyle.

Sullivan NYC

Sullivan NYC

3.     One Time Events – Weddings and Meetings

When you are planning an event like a wedding or a conference you usually only need to inform would be guests of simple things like time, place, what to bring etc. The amount of time and effort it would take to build and manage a large website is just not needed for an event like this. So this is the perfect time to implement a creative, attractive, easy to use one-page website.

Remember, the main purpose of this website is to inform your guests of important information. So be sure this info is easy to find, and the site reflects the mood of the event. Don’t design a flowery textured theme for an exclusive business conference, save that design for that baby shower your friend is having in 2 months.

Code Slingers Challenge

Code Slingers Challenge


Shweplantis - The wedding of Aimee Duplantis Matthew Shwery

Mos And Bows

Mos And Bows

4.     Creativity Masters – Portfolio Websites

As a graphic or print designer, your website is designed to show-off your creativity and passion for your created artwork. The beauty of one page designs is that it gives you as the designer a huge workspace to creatively design and art masterpiece out of your website. Rather than trying to create different pages and designs, you can create one large design that helps your viewers flow through your content, as well as marvel at your design skills!

Philipp Bartz

Philipp Bartz

Pixel Workshop


Mike Reda

Mike Reda Creative

5.     Introducing a New Product – Product Websites

When your company needs to inform the public about your latest new app or product that you’ve just completed a one-page website is a great layout for such an announcement.

Product websites all have one thing in common – they need to get information out to the public about the new product and why it is better than any other product out there. A one-page design works well for this purpose because it gives you the ability to include lots of artwork, photos and text in a creative flow that gives your buyers a sense of what the product offers.

There are many companies who have launched one-page product sites. Here are some below:

Think Green Meeting

Think Green Meeting

Search Inside Video

Search Inside Video

Coda 2

Coda 2

Who Shouldn’t Have a One-Page Website?

Now there are some situations that a one-page website just doesn’t fit with the purpose and flow of the content you are presenting to your readers. Imagine if the New York Times was a huge one-page website with all the stories featured one right after another – not only would it be a huge mess, but it would also be hard to navigate.

If you are in a situation where you have a lot of content like articles, news headlines, or you are selling more than a few products you are going to need something different than a one-page website.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t apply this design principle to some of the individual pages of your website. Consider Apple’s announcement of their all new Mac Book Pro with Retina Screen. They have taken this design layout and applied it nicely to an introductory page of the new MBP.

Mac Book Pro with Retina display

MacBook Pro with Retina display


Before you go running off and design that new one-page website, make sure you evaluate the purpose of your business, and determine whether it is best suited for that design. Remember, things like limited content, large photos, creative graphics, high-end hotels or vehicles etc. are things that mean you might want to consider using a one-page design for your new and exciting website.

Single-Page Design Inspiration:

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